How do you make a wildlife rehabber happy? Give them ...

Dot Science Diet Feline Cat Food (the dry kind)
Dot accurate electronic gram scales for weighing animals
Dot clean cardboard animal carriers
Dot new, clear fiberglass screening material
Dot Vita-light bulbs to provide full-spectrum light for birds
Dot photocopy paper for progress notes
Dot walnuts, in the shell, for the squirrel team
Dot thermometers (to check on temp of duck brooders)
Dot litter boxes (aka swimming pools for ducklings)
Dot fresh garden vegetables (please call for information first)
Dot paper towels, unscented toilet paper, unscented facial tissue
Dot hairdresser's rolling cart with shelves and bins (please call first)
Dot terra cotta pot saucers
Dot large and small plastic bowls
Dot heat lamps


You can become a member of Wildlife Rescue

Membership includes our quarterly newsletter, reduced class registration fees, and the satisfaction of aiding wildlife in distress by supporting WRI's efforts. Wildlife Rescue is a tax-deductible non-profit organization.

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Annual Memberships
Limited Income $15.00
Individual $25.00
Family $35.00
Contributing $50.00
Supporting $100.00
Life Member $500.00
Other _______

Please make your cheque payable to Wildlife Rescue, Inc. and mail to:
4000 Middlefield Road - Building V
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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