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Expanded Board Ready to Tackle Busy Season

by Valerie Baldwin, President

If you thought things were quiet at the shelter this past winter, would you be wrong! Dedicated volunteers have manned two shifts per day, seven days per week (thank you all). Shawn Wilson and Becky Duerr, our animal care coordinators, have been working at a feverish pace along with our operations volunteers to improve, rearrange and clean just about everything in the clinic, update procedures, and make last-minute preparations for the young animal season.

Long-time WRI volunteer and "Super Squirrel Mom" Teri Furey can handle only a few squirrels at home this season. So, please let us know immediately if you can help our Squirrel Team.

Genna Barfoot, our new full-time coordinator of volunteer programs (see page 1), has been coordinating returning volunteers, recruiting new volunteers and starting training. Attracting and retaining volunteers has become harder in the booming economy of Silicon Valley. Genna, with temporary office manager, Mark Walden, and many volunteers, have been working hard to improve our office productivity, including adding new cubicles.

The board of directors has been busy. We're preparing for our traditional annual fundraisers, and we are launching two new ones: Wildlife Week and a Falcony Seminar. We submitted three grant proposals to foundations. One was successful, and we're awaiting word on the others. We have revised our personnel policies, and our office and financial procedures. We have also set concrete goals to evaluate our performance.

Finally you, our members, have been busy. Your support allows us to have a terrific staff and well-trained volunteers, enabling us to care for our patients professionally. The bottom line? When those animals leave our doors, they have the best possible chance for survival. That makes all our efforts worthwhile. Recently, Captain Tom Belt of the Department of Fish and Game asked us to rehabilitate a troubled bird. The bird was not from the Bay Area, but he chose us to take on this difficult job. I know you will appreciate this vote of confidence in our outstanding rehabilitation team.

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