Many thanks to everyone who made donations from January 26 to May 19:

We're nuts about 'em

$100 - $249

Valerie Allana,
Barbara Bartlett,
Beverly Benson,
Elena C. Benton,
Evan Brooks,
Candice Cambra,
Dan Chang,
Florence Clementson,
The Cole Family,
Denise Connell,
Dr. Barbara Cordell,
Trish & Doug Corl,
Nancy Creger,
Merrily Duncan,
Marilyn Fulton,
Kathy Gates,
Girl Scout Troop 36 of Santa Clara County,
Leonard Greenberg,
Joanne Gregory,
XinXin Guo,
Richard Hernandez,
Sidney & Betty Hollander,
Ann Horvitz,
Dan & Janet Hutcheson,
Judith Lin Kay,
Suzanne King,
Jeff Kleck,
Stephanie Koran,
John B. Levy,
Sheila Lombardi,
Mrs. R. Maggiora,
Bettie Maris,
Patricia Marriott,
William McCann,
Brenda McDowell,
Cecil McGregor,
Spaulding Norris,
Matthew O'Reilly,
Gordon R. Ray Family Trust,
Margo Sensenbrenner,
Robert Sikora,
Anne Stern,
Sylvia Thompson,
Trudy Werner,
Frances West,
Dawn Williams,
H.D. Winbigler

$250 - $499

Greg Grimes,
Santa Clara County Dept. of Finance,
Lucy Thomas

$500 - $999

Merry Belden,
Foothills Congregational Church,
Michele Fournier,
Karin Jeffery,
The Lappen Family,
J. Liebmann Pool Service,
Bonnie Semans,
David & Alana Sloo

$1000 - $5000

Lisa and Mark Wan,
Maria Starr


Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund,
Thelma Doelger Charitable Trust

Corporate Matching Funds:


In-kind donations:

Gladys Anenson,
Gail Bower,
Fiona Graham,
Mickey Hamilton,
Martha Kudlacik,
Michele Mandell,
Janice McLaughlin,
Brad Milliken,
Sandra Skolnik,
Julianne Waite,
Karen Walker

Memorial Gifts:

The Lappen Family in honor of Liz Beard

Donated Veterinary Services:

Alpine Animal Hospital,
Miramonte Pet Hospital,
Tina Peak,
South Peninsula Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Heartfelt thanks

for generous, ongoing donation of services to:
Graphicstat for pre-press services,
Stevens Printing for printing, and
Wombatnet for hosting our web site

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