Thanks for a Very Successful Season!

We received 2,383 animals in 2000. Our outstanding release rate of 56.2%, up from 53.9% in 1999, was due to the many dedicated volunteers who donated a tremendous amount of time and energy. Once again, a big THANK YOU to all volunteers and staff.

Many thanks to everyone who made donations from October 25th to March 6th:

We're nuts about 'em

$100 - $249

Michael Aberg,
Amy Ball,
Alison Barta,
Ginny Becchine,
Jessica Bernhardt,
John Bigler,
The Biglow Family,
Bill Brandenburg,
Ann Buchin (Margo, Kary & Tessa),
Ute Bummel,
Mrs. Pauline Cagnina,
Robin Clark,
Joanna Cohen,
The Cole Family,
Congregation Sinai,
Dr. Barbara Cordell,
Dennis Deckard,
Carolyn Dewey,
Pamela Dorrell,
Gloria Eddie,
Harold Fukuma,
Marilynn Gallaway,
Renee Marie George - Orsini,
Leonard Greenberg,
XinXin Guo,
Steve Hancock & Kendra Paterson,
Susan Horvath,
Anita Iyengar,
Richard & Susan Jacobsen,
Meredith Johnsen,
Marguerite Keller,
Connie Klein,
Martha Kudlacik,
Bob & Connie Lefkowits,
Susan & Keith Lobo,
Claudia Lohnes,
John V. Lowney,
Mrs. R. Maggiora,
Pat Marriott,
The Mayfield Fund,
Brenda McDowell,
Cecil McGregor,
Patrick McManus,
Pamela McPherson,
Ramsey Melugin,
Lynne M. Milliot,
Susan Mokelke,
Mr & Mrs John Mustain,
Lyn Nelson,
Spaulding Norris,
Victoria Nuttall,
S Patterson & Bambi Cask,
Karen Ramsay,
S David Ramsey,
Barb Rosen,
Ann Rosener,
Al Russell,
Page & W Ferrell Sanders,
John Shott,
Nancy Slack,
Aileen Smith,
Monica Solar,
Susan Thompson,
JL & Dominique Truche,
Michael Tuck,
Frederick Tudor,
Kathy Tyson,
Jane & Daniel Vogel,
Telle Whitney,
Dawn Williams,
Harvey Ziff

$250 - $499

Cassidy Charitable Fund (nominated by Nancy Cassidy),
EPRI (nominated by Jackie Turner),
Melissa Frank,
J. Neal Lazear,
Santa Clara County Dept Of Finance,
David & Alaina Sloo

$500 - $999

Arborgast Foundation (requested by Sharon Stanaway),
Dianne Brand,
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hamilton,
Pat Marriott,
Loretta Michel,
Edward Reed,
Bonnie Semans,
Maria Starr,
Richard Walker

$1000 - $5000

Barkley Fund,
City of Sunnyvale,
Mary Ann Siri,
Sally Ann Talarico

Corporate Matching Funds:

Sun Microsystems

Memorial Gifts:

Patricia Barry in memory of Marty Chaitiatis,
Carol Broad in memory Edward William Cate,
Joyce Goetz in memory of Lauren Milliken,
Terry Keible in memory of her mother Shirley Wehmueller,
Jim Lempke in memory of Queenie,
Jack & Shirley Levy in memory of Dusty,
Sherry Lund & Carl Cheney in memory of Mitten, Finnegan, Bruce & Flora,
Amy Ng in memory of Betty Young,
Kelly O'Brien in memory of Ruth Kelly,
Scott Paterson in memory of Wesley the African Grey Parrot,
Randi Robinson in memory of Bullet,
Sandra Skolnik in memory of her mother Dora,
Jacqueline Valdes in memory of Elma Vasquez

Honorary Gifts:

Bonnie Borton in honor of Ms. Winifred Free,
Deborah Frame,
Jim & Scruffy in honor of Frank Niccoli,
Deborah Frame,
Jim & Scruffy in honor of Joe,
Florie & Murray Berger,
Deborah Frame,
Jim & Scruffy in honor of Katie Edwards,
Deborah Frame,
Jim & Scruffy in honor of Linda Treffinger,
Deborah Frame,
Jim & Scruffy in honor of Lacy,
Richard & Ryan Rathbun,
Laura Haberlin in honor of Kitty Norwood,
Karyl Hall in honor of Ann Maria Gila,
Sidney Hollander in honor of Betty Hollander,
Judith Lin Kay in honor of Bob Marsh & Typo,
Stephanie & Lorrin Koran in honor of Jessica Koran,
Molly Molloy in honor of Cathy Aster & Oreo,
Michele Moran in honor of Pat Marriott,
Kohei Morita in honor of Masayuki Morita,
Ellen Noble in honor of Jennifer Noble,
Scott Paterson in honor of Alex & Jiali Osadzinski,
Deborah Rose in honor of Charlotte Scherz,
Barbara Rowlette in honor of James Corrigan,
Jacqueline Turner in honor of Susie Brain & Teri Furey,
Midge Van Zandt in honor of Marilyn Scowcroft,
Beth Visbeck in honor of Marilyn Scowcroft

Donated Veterinary Services:

Alpine Animal Hospital,
Miramonte Pet Hospital,
Tina Peak,
South Peninsula Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Heartfelt thanks

for generous, ongoing donation of services to:
Proteus Graphics for pre-press services,
Stevens Printing for printing, and
Wombatnet for hosting our web site

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