By Guthrum Purdum

Despite the stormy weather, spring has begun for Wildlife Rescue! The first two pinkie squirrels arrived just after Valentine's Day. Their nest had been torn up by birds and they had fallen almost 100 feet. Fortunately, the ground was carpeted by soft leaf litter and they sustained only minor bruises. Both are currently doing great in homecare, eagerly taking their formula and putting on weight.

At about the same time, a little brush bunny arrived, brought in from the freezing rain. After a brief stay in isolation to relax and get some fluids, he has moved on to taking formula from a dish. Likewise, we are seeing some nestling doves, hummingbirds, and pigeons; the little songbirds can't be far behind!

The winter commonly brings us many diverse species, often with severe injuries, and this year has been no exception. We've had some notable successes. A white pelican that struck a mirrored glass building has been released into prime waterbird habitat in the Baylands, as was a female mallard with a hurt foot, caught right next to Cubberley! Waxwings in large numbers have been admitted, mostly with head trauma from hitting windows, but often with associated injuries from cats and coracoid fractures. Not all have made it, but quite a few have already returned to the wild. Recently we've also treated a pond turtle, salamanders, fox sparrows, glaucous-wing gulls, several species of raptors, warblers, phoebes and a kalaidescope of others.

While some patients were too badly hurt to save, like a red-tailed hawk whose wing had been severed, we can all take great satisfaction in what we've accomplished for the critters that have come to us; like the brown nestling pigeon currently in the shelter, who arrived soaking wet and freezing cold, having impact injuries to both sides of his body and a greenstick fracture of the forewing. Although not expected to survive the night, he has become a good flyer and is waiting for warmer weather to go to an aviary.

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