Wildlife Rescue is Really Cool, Man

Anyone who's ever paid a visit to our shelter on a warm day knows that our little building can really cook. It wasn't built to be used during the summer months-it isn't even insulated-so you can imagine how hot it gets. But no more. Now we're keeping cool with two new air conditioners-thanks to the generosity of Anne and Brad Milliken, David Walker and Walker Electric, and Courtenay Dawson-Roberts.

Wanted: A Few Good Board Members

If you'd like to have a hand in guiding Wildlife Rescue in the coming years, how about joining our Board of Directors? We're always looking for thoughtful, responsible people to serve on our Board-especially as we gear up for our big Permanent Shelter drive.

The WRI Board provides direction, sets policy, and has financial, legal, and moral responsibility for the organization. If you're interested, call Nancy Rubin, Executive Director, at (415) 494-7417 for more information.

Fifth Graders Help Woodpeckers

Children in Rachel Jordan's and Tanya Green's fifth grade class at Nixon School in Palo Alto made a year-long class project of raising money for charity-and chose to give half of it to Wildlife Rescue!

We're using their contribution to build a new woodpecker aviary. As you can imagine, these wood-drilling birds have some very special (and expensive) housing requirements. Executive Director Nancy Rubin attended the children's graduation ceremony on June 12th and accepted their generous donation. Thanks to one and all!

Raptor Team Needs Rodent Donations

No, we don't need money from rodents, just the animals themselves. With a handful of hungry birds of prey in our care-14 Barn Owls, 4 Great Horned Owls, 6 Red-shouldered Hawks, and 1 Red-tailed Hawk-our Raptor Team is looking for donations of drug-free, chemical-free frozen rodents. With so many mouths to feed, we're taxing our current food supplies.

If you work for a company that does research with rodents or know of someone who does, please give us a call at 494-7417. All we need is the name of someone to contact at your company and we'll do the rest.

And we promise, all sources will be kept confidential.

Speaker's Bureau Speaks to Kids

Did you know that Wildlife Rescue has a Speaker's Bureau that goes to elementary schools to teach kids what they can do when they find an animal in trouble? Socrates the Great Horned Owl, Yankee the Gopher Snake, Charlie the Crow, and Rajah the Kestrel go along too. The speakers also tell the story behind each animal, how they came to Wildlife Rescue, and why they're non-releasable.

Here are some of the comments from children about one of our recent Speaker's Bureau services:

"I learned that deer are very nervous."
"It was interesting that snakes are not too bright when they are about to shed."
"I learned that we shouldn't keep wild animals as pets."
"I thought the sounds of the birds were really cool."
"I learned not to leave the cat's food out with the raccoons."
"I liked Charlie the crow a lot. He was so black and cool!"
"I learned about that trick for keeping birds from running into the window. I needed that!"

If you'd like Wildlife Rescue's Speakers Bureau to come to your school, please call us at (415) 494-7417 and we'll make arrangements.

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