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These Times They Are A'Changing ...

by Martha Kudlacik, President

... and that's especially true this year at Wildlife Rescue. First of all, we must bid a sad farewell to our Executive Director, Nancy Rubin, who has done so much dedicated work these last three years. Her last day is February 28th and we are actively seeking her replacement as I write this. Fortunately, she is leaving us in much better shape than she found us and for that we are all truly thankful.

Next, the Permanent Shelter Project is underway, headed up by Brad Milliken, and the first order of business is to hire a consultant to help with preliminary fact-finding. The visibility we will receive from this capital campaign will help our overall fundraising, and I expect that all of us on the Board will learn a lot about the finer points of asking for money.

Finally, in my first month as President I've been thinking a lot about the state of volunteering. We've pretty much said goodbye to the days of stay-at-home moms who had time to feed baby birds every 15 minutes. Volunteers today are working outside the home, often more than 40 hours a week. Their time is as precious to us as ever (if not more so) and they are ever more deserving of our gratitude, so let me take a moment here to address each and every one:

To our long-time volunteers who have been with us since the beginning, THANK YOU! You've been invaluable with your knowledge, energy, and commitment to our local wildlife. We continue to recruit new volunteers and raise money to carry on the work so that yours is not in vain.

To volunteers who have just started, THANK YOU! Your new enegy keeps us going, your new ideas keep us fresh and on our toes.

And to all the others who contribute, either with money or time, THANK YOU! We couldn't do it without you.

This year promises to be an exciting one for Wildlife Rescue.

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