In show business, an "angel" is someone who puts up money so that others can put on a play. In our business, the angels who give money are underwriting a second chance at life. We'd like to thank the following angels for their generosity from January to May, 1997:


$100 - $249

Gail Bower
J. D. Boyer Sr.
Evan Brooks
Lizbeth Carson, Esq.
Angela M. Carter
Robin Clark
Trish and Doug Corl
Derek Davis
Virginia Hamley
Jerry Hatcher and the customers of Wild Birds Unlimited
Dorothy Hickman
Marty and Steve Johnson
Barbara and Lauren Kaplan
Gloria and Gary Modrell
Mary K. Montoya
Susan Nolan
Spaulding Norris
Loren Richardson
Lucy Thomas
H. D. Winbigler
Jody Wood
Kate Zablocki

$250 - $499

Tom Gerber
Louise Hauser
Charles J. Jacklin

$500 - $999

Marti DeBenedetti
Mary Ann Siri
Stanford University Hospital
Maria Starr

$1000 - $5000

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton
The Luster Family Foundation

Gifts of Stock:

Gail and Ivar Highberg

In-kind donations:

Bill Burruss
Paul Carignan
Component Design
Teri Furey
Scott Heffner
Juanita Heinemann
Adam and Zita Kudlacik
Wendy Laird
Brad Milliken
Sally Peck
Peninsula Humane Society
Nancy Rubin
Phil and Marilyn Scowcroft
Stevens Printing Company
Sarah Thompson and Mark Scanlan
Samantha Woodward
Z Prepress

Memorial Gifts:

Juanita Heinemann, in memory of Dennis Wagstaffe's mother

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