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Glad To Be Here!

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by Martha Kudlacik, President

It may come as a surprise that one of my favorite things to do at Wildlife Rescue is... open the mail. Nearly every day there is a note from someone who has brought us an injured bird, an orphaned squirrel, or a lost opossum. Each note expresses the writer's gratitude that Wildlife Rescue is here to help. I started keeping a file of these notes, and I read them when times get a little rocky. Since our members make all of this possible, I'd like to share some excerpts with you:

"Thank you for taking care of the squirrel... it means so much to have you all there. Your work is appreciated."

"I am so grateful that there was a place I could take [the opossum] to and have it cared for."

"Thanks for saving the duck!"

"I am impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and care shown in your organization."

"I simply cannot express how much your efforts mean to me."

"Your entire organization has so much to be proud of, and so many little ones owe their lives to all the volunteers."

"Thank you for being angels to these wonderful animals who need you."

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, which enables us to do this work.

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