Thanks to everyone who contributed from June 1 to September 15:

We're nuts about them

$100 - $249

Carol Adams,
Joanne Ambras,
Gladys Anenson,
Charles and Donnabeth Baker,
Valerie Baldwin,
Beverly Benson,
Biglow Family,
Gail Bower,
Denny Brisley,
Evan Brooks,
Pauline Cagnina,
Bambi Cask,
Trish and Doug Corl,
Derek Davis,
Gudrun Fiegl,
Linda Filling,
Nydia Finch,
Lynn Freret,
Marilynn Gallaway,
Joyce Goetz,
Leonard Greenberg,
Xinxin Guo,
Robert Haunschild,
Sidney and Betty Hollander,
Ann Horvitz,
Karen Jachens,
Mary Louise Jeter,
Christopher Kaufman and Carlyn Clement,
Judith Lin Kay,
Sally Kunstadter,
John Levy,
Bettie Maris,
Brenda McDowell,
Gloria Modrell,
Michael Mori,
Susan Nolan,
Spaulding Norris,
Gordon R. Ray Family Trust,
Loren Richardson,
Nancy Rubin,
Santa Clara County Employees,
April Sapsford,
Robert Sikora,
Lisa Stahr,
Cathy Van Natta,
Leslie Marie Viezee,
Jody Wood,
Vicki Blessing Yort

$250 - $499

H. Michael Bennett,
Congregation Beth Am,
Dr. Barbara Cordell,
Lori Isakson,
Cinthia Kish,
Patricia Marriott,
Cecil McGregor,
Bonnie Semans

$500 - $999

Marilynn Fulton,
Richard Roth and Delphine Ho,
Mary Ann Siri,
Virginia Whipple

$1000 - $5000

Jean and Bill Lane,
City of Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant,
Maria Starr


Estate of Ruth J. Gutshall

In-kind donations:

Adobe Veterinary Hospital,
Wendy Baumgardner,
Barbara Beerstein,
Judy Bushey,
Shannon Halgren & Dave Mollerstuen,
Jeanne Fouts,
Teri Furey,
Sherry Lund,
Michele Mandell,
Jane Meyers,
Dr. Tina Peak,
Barb Rosen,
Stevens Printing,
Dr. Kenton Taylor & Miramonte Veterinary Hospital,
Z Prepress

Gifts in Honor of:

Anna & George Parks in honor of Louisa Parks,
Paula Goldberg in honor of Martha Kudlacik,
Foothill College Respiratory Therapy students in
honor of their teacher, longtime Wildlife Rescue volunteer
Ginny Becchine

Memorial Gifts:

Robert & Susan Weisberg in loving memory of Robert Ratner

Corporate Matching Funds:

Sun Microsystems,

Heartfelt thanks

for ongoing, in-kind donation of services to:
Stevens Printing for printing The Rescuer;
and Wombatnet for maintaining our web site

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