RAPTOR RELEASE: Hawks Earn Wings at Raptor Release

By Jeanne Fouts
WRI usually receives several orphaned or injured baby raptors each spring. After we've nursed them and raised them to be independent, we release them into the wild at our Raptor Release event each fall.

These events have long been a great excuse for our supporters to enjoy an evening of food, wine and live music. Past Raptor Release entry fees have been fairly steep, but this has not dampened enthusiasm. Past Raptor Releases have brought in thousands of dollars.

This year the event was free, allowing our volunteers to take part. About 50 people came to the Monte Bello Ridge Open Space Preserve in the afternoon to see two magnificent Red-tail Hawks--a male and a female--take their maiden voyages.

We raised $100 from a donation jar--not anywhere near the income of previous years, but it was a wonderfully positive experience for those that came.


By Benedicte Last
Just as we thought the busy season was over--many of our volunteers had gone back to school--things got wild again. We had a wave of baby squirrels that threatened to overwhelm our squirrel team. And, as if that weren't enough, we received hundreds of ducks with botulism. But, thanks to our dedicated team, we weathered all the storms.

According to a recent volunteer survey, the shelter is basically running smoothly. But, we are always working to improve our processes, and we are developing a training class schedule for next year. There will be classes in animal care, on identifying different species and on public speaking. There will also be field trips to our homecare volunteers.

If you are interested in any of these classes, or if you would like to become a volunteer, please call me at (650) 494-7417.


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