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Still Going Strong After 25 Years

by Sandra Skolnik, President

Twenty-five years in 1999! It is hard to believe that it has been that long since Wildlife Rescue was founded in 1974. During that period WRI has treated, raised and rehabilitated more than 65,000 wild animals; and with a release rate averaging 50 percent, we have returned more than 32,000 animals to their natural environments.

It is due to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers and generous donors that WRI enjoys continued success and excellence in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. Although each year we welcome many new volunteers, who have the opportunity to learn about and help our local wildlife, we also have many seasoned veterans who have been with WRI for more than 15 years, and even a few for almost 20 years. That's dedication!

We are pleased that our capable staff is continuing with us this year, including animal care coordinators Becky Duerr and Kathy Tyson (featured in this issue); shelter administrator, Nancy Tantzen; and volunteer coordinator, Benedicte Last.

Some of our plans for the year include a special 25th anniversary summer edition of The Rescuer, which will highlight WRI's history and pay tribute to its founders and many long-term volunteers and donors; a 25th anniversary volunteer recognition event; a raptor release fundraiser in the fall; our annual donation drawing; and other events that will be announced.

The Board, volunteers and staff are committed to making this a special year. We are fortifying WRI's foundation and programs for the coming millennium to allow the organization to continue the worthy work that its founders so selflessly brought to reality and which has been carried on by thousands of volunteers over the years. The participation of our members and donors has always been an important part of WRI's work, and your continued support and generosity is appreciated by all of us at Wildlife Rescue.

Thank you.

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