Volunteer Corner

by Benedicte Last, Volunteer Coordinator

If you would like to help rehabilitate orphaned or injured wildlife, there are many ways that you can assist us in addition to working in the shelter.

Home Care Needs: If you have space in your home or yard to place an aviary or cage that is sheltered from weather and pets, and if you have some extra time, you might like to join our home care team to raise baby squirrels or ducklings.

Speakers Bureau: We would like to expand the speakers bureau program this season, so we are looking for people to go to schools to talk about wildlife. This requires a time commitment of roughly three to four hours per month or more if you want.

Not a Hands-on Person? If you are not interested in hands-on work with animals, you might consider becoming a volunteer coordinator assistant. We also need help with fundraising and grant writing, and we are looking for new volunteer committee members, who coordinate special events and projects.

We also have an immediate opportunity for someone interested in public relations. It would involve working with a communications firm, sending press releases and interfacing with the media about WRI.

Getting Started: The first step is to schedule an interview with me. Then you may attend an orientation class. Training sessions will be held on the first Saturday of each month, March 6 through June 5. We will also schedule some evening training sessions.

Your real training will start when you begin handling the animals and feeding the baby birds. Over time, you may want to take some of our advanced classes on specific species or topics such as avian diseases, fluid therapy, hotline work and splinting and suturing.

Please call me at (650) 494-7417 if you would like to arrange an interview.

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