Board Message

Building on a Strong Foundation

by Sandra Skolnik, President

Spring has sprung-somewhat late, but nature calls, and once again our volunteers are working hard to care for many orphaned and injured wild birds and mammals. This is our busiest time of year, and we appreciate our dedicated volunteers' extra time and effort to make sure each of our patients receives the best care possible.

After a long and arduous process, we are pleased that a new set of bylaws was adopted by the voting membership, effective May 1, which will increase the effectiveness of WRI's management.

We hope you enjoy our special 25th anniversary issue. WRI's founders and many volunteers-both seasoned and new-wrote to share their memories. An organization consists of the individuals who devote themselves to its mission, and this issue honors all who have made WRI's work possible throughout the years.

No matter how large or small, the contributions of WRI's volunteers, very special people indeed, are a tribute to human compassion and spirit. Many tasks essential to keeping WRI going, not only in animal care, but in administration, fundraising, board service, etc., have been provided by the skills, creativity, time and caring so freely given by our volunteers.

And finally, we wish to thank you, our members and donors, for your continuing and generous support that provide us with the funds to do our work.

We Save the Birds
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