Why Volunteer At Wildlife Rescue?

While each person has particular reasons for volunteering here with us, you'll probably be well-suited to Wildlife Rescue's rehabilitation work if you desire:

What do I do?

After learning about urban wildlife rehabilitation in our training classes, the most important thing you can do in our shelter is simply TO SHOW UP! The many birds and mammals we see each day need - above all - consistent, skillful care. We're glad to provide you with the ongoing training and mentoring you'll need to be skillful, but we count on you for consistency. We all find great intrinsic reward in our commitment to rescuing wildlife, and in the exciting learning we do with the animals in the shelter. We know you will, too, and we're hoping that you'll let us show you how gratifying this unique volunteer experience can be.

What if my schedule is busy?

We are here to help you find the schedule that best suits your busy lifestyle, but for the sake of the animals we do require that:

Can I work from my home?

Absolutely! If you have consistent time and a quiet place, we would love to have you rehab at home. Of course, you'll need to build your skills in the shelter first, but we welcome well-trained people who enjoy raising birds or mammals in their own houses. Please let us know if there is a particular type of mammal or bird you're interested in sheltering and we'll put you on the right track!

What if hands-on wildlife rehabilitation just isn't my thing?

The animals need you too! Without dedicated educator-volunteers, we couldn't cultivate the public understanding that brings animals to us and often prevents their harm before it occurs. Without enthusiastic fund-raisers, we could not get the medical supplies and special diets necessary to save the wildlife brought to us. And without smooth shelter operations, we couldn't maintain our outstanding record for saving the animals that come through our doors.

Through any of these activities, you'll be doing a wonderful service for our local wildlife!

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