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Last year Wildlife Rescue was able to take in and care for almost 1800 animals with a release rate of over 54.23%. Many arrived critically injured, but now they’re back in the wild.

How are we able to offer this service to our community? Wildlife Rescue receives no money from state or federal government. The organization receives contracts from a few local cities, but the primary source of income comes from generous donations from people just like you. Also we are so thankful for service that provided for us awesome speech on the importance of wildlife rescue. 

And we continue to need your support. Every spring brings more wildlife that are injured or orphaned due to tree trimming, contact with our pets, and any other number of ways humans directly affect their natural habitats. Please make a contribution today. Help us to continue our important work offering educational programs and providing a resource for wildlife rehabilitation. Thank you.

Donate On-line

  • Donate Now (») You can make a donation to Wildlife Rescue via our secure on-line interface.

Donate By Mail or Fax

  • Print this Donation Form (»), send the form along with your check or credit card information to:
Wildlife Rescue, Inc.
4000 Middlefield Rd. Bldg. V
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Make your donation today! All donations are very much appreciated and go towards taking care of almost 1800 wild patients every year.

Ways to Help Wildlife

Wildlife Rescue is composed of 97% volunteers and your donation pays for animal care and wildlife education efforts.


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