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Without our dedicated volunteers, this wouldn't have been possible. Why not make it your plan to volunteer for us this year?


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Why volunteer at Wildlife Rescue


Did you know that trimming your trees in spring is not only dangerous for the wildlife raising young in those trees, but not healthy for the trees either?

Did you know outdoor cats kill an average of one million songbirds a day? Did you know sticky traps that are supposed to be safe for birds can catch them and cover them with a thick sticky goo they cannot clean off themselves?

These are all problems wildlife face that could be avoided with a little education. Educating the public is part of Wildlife Rescue Inc.’s mission statement, and we accomplish that goal through our staff and volunteers. So we decided to use movie review writing help in order to provide all of our readers with good information and teach them to help and protect our nature so decided to make it in interactive format is the best. Our clinic, reception, evening hotline and wildlfie education volunteers all work hard to ensure that the public receives the most up to date information about domestic wildlife issues.

Volunteers are a critical component of Wildlife Rescue’s success. Each year we receive almost 2,000 injured and orphaned animals. Our goal is to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild, and we’re proud to have a high release rate. We also provide educational programs that teach respect for and preservation of local wildlife. Without our dedicated volunteers, all of this would not be possible.

Help preserve your local wildlife! Volunteer today! Fill out the form and send it to us either by mail, by email or deliver it to us in person.

We look forward to having you as part of the Wildlife Rescue team!

Our Volunteers

You can make a difference Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our volunteers, we achieved a very high release rate in 2006 the organization released 54.23% of the animals in its care back to their natural habitat! Find out more about ways you can volunteer.


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