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The Rescuer

Volume XXII -- Issue Three -- Summer 1996

SUCCESS STORY: Chim Chimney! by Nancy Rubin

One Friday night the Gilbert family could hear something in their chimney. The noises coming from the fireplace were not from a crackling fire or whistling wind-there was definitely something alive in there.

The mystery was solved the next morning when the family woke up to find an unhappy baby squirrel squeaking in the fireplace behind the glass doors. With a quick call to Wildlife Rescue's hotline they learned that sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. And that's just what they did. Sure enough, the mother squirrel eventually came down through the chimney to retrieve her lost little one. All was well.

But by the following week the problem had become considerably more complicated. The Gilberts came home one day to find the entire squirrel family behind the glass doors of their fireplace-and the two little ones were so big Mother couldn't carry them back up the chimney. Now what? they wondered.

After a frantic second call to our hotline, Squirrel Team leader Teri Furey sprang into action. With an armful of equipment, Teri hustled on over to the Gilbert house, and although catching a healthy adult squirrel isn't easy, especially when she has a family to protect, Teri was able to net the reluctant mom into a cage and reunite the family.

Today, Mom and babies are residing in the backyard cage at Karen and David Walker's house, and as soon as the little ones get a little bigger, they'll all be released back into the Gilberts' neighborhood.

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