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Budget Cuts in Palo Alto and Mountain View

Wildlife Rescue will have a budget shortfall this year due to budget cuts by Palo Alto and Mountain View. The Mountain View City Council decided to no longer support Wildlife Rescue and the Palo Alto City Council decided to cut funding support in half. This will force Wildlife Rescue to scramble to find funds to cover its budget for 2005 and will require some longer term planning to cover the budget for 2006 and beyond.

Wildlife Rescue President Terry Keible said, "our fear is that we might have to stop taking animals from Mountain View because they won't fund us at all and we may not be able to afford to take care of them. We don't want that to happen."

It costs on average $94 to treat each animal that comes to Wildlife Rescue for care, and last year 2,130 animals came to the shelter.

Palo Alto Animal Services has stepped in to help Wildlife Rescue raise more funds, by adding a donation jar at the animal shelter, and allowing Wildlife Rescue to add flyers to all of their mailings.


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