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What to Do With a Newborn Squirrel

Newborn squirrels are found on the ground after high winds, extremely hot weather, after tree trimming, or after playing and falling out of the nest, or the mother squirrel has been killed, to name a few reasons. Mom will try and retrieve the newborn if she is alive and healthy and the newborn is warm and not disabled or injured. So how do you tell if the newborn needs rescuing?

Newborn squirrels need rescuing:

  • If the newborn has blood on its nose
  • If it is in imminent danger from cats or dogs
  • If it has apparent paralysis
  • It has been caught by another animal

Place the newborn in a box with small air holes, lined with a soft cloth (not terry cloth) and put the box half on a heating pad on “low” setting. Keep the box in a warm, dark and quiet place until it can be transported to your local wildlife rehabilitation organization.

Otherwise, you can try to reunite the newborn with its mother.

  • Place the newborn in a small box or basket with an open top, lined with a soft cloth (not terry cloth).
  • Place the box under the tree where the newborn was found, making sure there are no predators around, such as cats, dogs or hawks.
  • Keep out of sight but near enough to watch to see if Mom comes to retrieve the newborn. Mom won’t come if she sees you or if there are pets around, so keep your pets indoors for a while.
  • If Mom does not come, take the newborn to your local wildlife rehabilitation organization.

You can always call Wildlife Rescue or your local wildlife rehabilitation organization for advice.


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