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Liz Beard, Ginny Becchine, Susie Brain, Jeanie Collins, Martha Gates, Carol Hamilton, Juanita Heinemann, Susan Scott Hons, Martha Kudlacik, Linda Lloyd, Brad Milliken, Jane Schaeffer, Marilyn L. Scowcroft, Sandra Skolnik, Kappy Sprenger, Nancy Tantzen, Kitty Toler-Norwood, Penelope Wade, Bernice White, and Anna Wiersma

Celebrating 25 Years of Service to Wildlife and the Community

The Rescuer

Volume XXV -- Issue Two -- July 1999

Special Anniversary Issue: 1974-1999

Our Founders

This photo, which shows WRI Cofounders (from left) Carol Hamilton, Jeanie Collins and Susan Scott Hons feeding baby squirrels, appeared on the cover of Woodside-based the Country Almanac on April 16, 1975.

Memoirs from Wildife Rescue Pioneers Tell How Far We've Come

"Rescue, rehabilitate, release." The article that accompanied the above photo in the 1975 article began with that motto. After 25 years, the mantra is obviously still going strong. The newspaper's cover story chronicled WRI's founding and its first year of operations, including how the founders' homes were so full of recuperating animals that it became clear it was time to do something more formal-hence WRI's founding. At the time, WRI had 400 volunteers and had rescued 1,230 animals.

One of the more interesting rescues detailed in the article was the splinting of a juvenile hummingbird's leg. According to the newspaper story, the hummingbird was so small that he could easily sit on a 25-cent piece. When the splint (made from special tape) was removed, he could again use his leg. The tradition of working to benefit local wildlife has continued, and WRI has many reasons to be proud.

In this special anniversary edition of The Rescuer, founders and volunteers share their personal stories and memories of their involvement with WRI. We hope you will enjoy reading their accounts, and if you are not yet an active volunteer, perhaps you will be inspired to lend a hand in the future.

Founding Members Share Special Memories

Personal Stories from the Front Lines

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